E.E. Wilson Interpretive Trail

Length: 1.2 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 20.0 feet  |  
  • Trail System: E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area
  • Trailhead(s): E.E. Wilson Trailhead (Get Directions), E.E. Wilson Trailhead (Get Directions)
  • Season: Year-round
  • Hours: 4am - 10pm

A loop trail through a wooded area with opportunities observing birds and wildlife, and seasonal hunting and fishing. Permits are required, call ahead for information.

The wide diversity of habitats found here support a variety of wildlife including sharp-tailed snake and Northern red-legged frog. Other uncommon species such as the pileated woodpecker, trumpeter swan and bald eagle can also be seen. Walking quietly on the many area roads in the early morning or evening will often yield views of the area's more common wildlife, including black-tailed deer. Wood ducks are among the most common waterfowl to nest on the area, second only to the mallard in abundance. As cavity nesters, wood ducks use the many natural cavities or select one of many wood duck nest boxes available. Other species also use the boxes for nesting, including hooded mergansers, screech owls and northern flickers. Birdwatching is best April to August. More than 180 species of birds have been observed on the wildlife area. See yellow-breasted chats and western bluebirds. Look for killdeer, upland birds, beavers and muskrats along the area's interpretive trail. See western pond turtles in summer. Waterfowl and shorebirds migrate through.

Trail description by: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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