Trail Stories

Everyone has a trail story—it’s a story about the special moment you shared watching the sunrise after climbing to the top of the hill, or the rare bird you heard singing from a trailside meadow, or the wonder of a child learning how to ride her first bike on the path outside her door.

Behind each of these trail stories is a story about the enthusiasm and hard work of land managers, volunteers and community members who are striving to make these moments possible by conserving and stewarding natural areas and trails.

What’s your trail story?

Get inspired by the trail stories of others that you’ll discover here, and cherish your own trail stories at the end of a long day outside.

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Living in the right place

We feel very fortunate to have so many great hiking and dog-friendly trails right in our “backyard”!


Markael's Marys Peak Story

Marys Peak is a place of raw beauty. On a clear day, the view from the top reaches over 150 miles to Mount Rainier, with the high Cascade peaks lined up to the east and the Pacific Ocean delineating the western horizon.

Volunteer Naturalists of Greenbelt Land Trust

The tiny newt blinked at the curious crowd as Don Boucher of Neighborhood Naturalist pointed out his vivid orange belly, explaining how such a brightly colored, slow-moving creature was virtually guaranteed to be toxic to hungry predators.


Megan's Bald Hill Story

Corvallis has so many great trails, depending on what we are up for. Bald Hill is my favorite for sure! It has lots of beautiful views and miles of trails to explore.