Mulkey Ridge Trail

Length: 2.1 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 603.0 feet  |  

Recreationists can go for miles in this beloved network of trails that offers something for everyone.  Bald Hill Farm is owned and managed by Greenbelt Land Trust, which maintains the trails in cooperation with Benton County, while Bald Hill Natural Area is managed by the City of Corvallis.

This connector trail completed in the fall of 2014 links Bald Hill Farm to Fitton Green Natural Area, creating an unbroken trail corridor of 13 miles. Named for area settler Johnson Mulkey, who farmed Bald Hill in the mid-1800s, the trail opens new vistas for longer day hikes in the Corvallis area.

For nearly thirty years this connecting trail has been on Greenbelt’s radar, and in 2013 the organization received a major boost from trails advocates Andrew and Lauralee Martin, who purchased the 170 acre property to hold until GLT has the grant funding needed to acquire the land. Dedicated crews of volunteers collaborated with trail professionals from several community partners to make this trail a realty.

This natural surfaced trail gently descends from Bald Hill Farm to Fitton Green, through a mixed deciduous and oak woodland. Sunlight gently filters down through dense leaves, creating a peaceful environment for a long walk or a cool route in summer for an exploratory (non-motorized ride). Due to the sticky clay soils in the natural surface, the trail is closed to bikes and horses during wetter parts of the year.

Trail description by: Greenbelt Land Trust

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