Upper Mulkey Creek Trail

Length: 0.87 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 413.5 feet  |  

Recreationists can go for miles in this beloved network of trails that offers something for everyone.  Bald Hill Farm is owned and managed by Greenbelt Land Trust, which maintains the trails in cooperation with Benton County, while Bald Hill Natural Area is managed by the City of Corvallis.

This charming trail meanders along Mulkey Creek which is lined with wildflowers in spring. The gravel trail forks before the bridge giving the user two options. The fork to the right joins with roads within the Chinook District and by following signs along the gravel roadway you can make your way to Fitton Green Natural Area. If you proceed to the left you'll climb through shady wooded switchbacks that offer vistas to the south, and west. This fork passes thorough oak woodlands and savannas and loops back to the original trail along Mulkey Creek. The Trail leads through Bald Hill Farm, owned and managed by Greenbelt Land Trust for rare habitats and species, local food production, trails and educational opportunities.

Trail description by: Benton County Natural Areas & Parks Department

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