Fitton Green Access Trail

Length: 0.4 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 123.3 feet  |  

This popular natural area features ridgetop trails with beautiful views and many ecological restoration projects. Originally acquired by Greenbelt Land Trust together with founders Charles and Elsie (Fitton) Ross, Fitton Green is now managed by Benton County. Bald Hill Farm and Bald Hill Natural Area are about a mile and a half away via Panorama and Wynoochee Drives.

This 308-acre natural area is named after Elsie Fitton Ross (Fitton is her maiden name), who, along with her husband, Charles Ross, and in partnership with the Greenbelt Land Trust, helped fund the acquisition of this resource. Fitton Green is located directly west of Bald Hill City Park in Corvallis and has been open to the public since the Fall of 2003. The Fitton Green management plan includes 3 staging/public access locations, environmental interpretation information, and trails that connect with the Cardwell Hill Trail that runs from Corvallis to Kings Valley.

Trail description by: Benton County Natural Areas & Parks Department

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