Beazell South Meadow Loop

Length: 0.73 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 178.1 feet  |  
  • Trail System: Beazell Memorial Forest
  • Trailhead(s): Beazell South Loop Trail (Get Directions), Beazell South Loop Trail (Get Directions)
  • Season: Year round. Plunkett Creek Loop: Horses & Bikes April 15-October 31
  • Hours: Daylight

This research forest is characterized by streamside trails and wooded slopes. A reservable historic barn is the site of an environmental education center, while interpretive signage gives information on a historic residence and other structures. Other amenities include trailside gazebos, restrooms and a picnic area.

Situated between the South Loop and the South Ridge Trails in the Southwest corner of Beazell Memorial Forest is the South Meadow Loop Trial. This trail encircles one the many upland meadows located within the forest. It offers the opportunity for a shorter mile and one half hike for those who don't want to proceed on to the South Ridge segment or the Plunkett Creek segment. One of the primary management objectives within the Beazell Forest is the maintenance and restoration of meadowland or prairie habitats due to the rare and sensitive plant and butterfly species associated with them. We ask our hikers and visitors not to enter the meadows during the spring of the year in order to minimize negative impacts to the rare species found in these meadow habitats.

Trail description by: Benton County Natural Areas & Parks Department

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