Fitton Green North-South Trail

Length: 0.97 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 386.1 feet  |  

This popular natural area features ridgetop trails with beautiful views and many ecological restoration projects. Originally acquired by Greenbelt Land Trust together with founders Charles and Elsie (Fitton) Ross, Fitton Green is now managed by Benton County. Bald Hill Farm and Bald Hill Natural Area are about a mile and a half away via Panorama and Wynoochee Drives.

The Fitton Green North South Trail is essentially a ridge-top trail which traverses nearly the entire length of the 308 acre Fitton Green Natural Area. This quickest way to access this trail segment is from the Panorama Drive trailhead, which leads to the Southern terminus of this segment, while either Cardwell Hill Road trailhead (East or West) leads to the Northern terminus of this segment. The Northern end of the North South Trail is just more than one mile from either the East or West Cardwell Road trailheads. The trailside vegetation has undergone several changes since most of the Douglas-fir within the Natural Area was logged prior to purchase by Charles and Elsie Ross in the 1980s. The Rosses were visionary advocates for the preservation of natural areas for public enjoyment and they ultimately donated a large portion of Fitton Green to Benton County and the Greenbelt Land Trust. Fitton Green is managed for both dispersed recreation and habitat values. Restoration actions such as invasive control and Oak Savanna enhancement are ongoing within the Natural Area.

Trail description by: Benton County Natural Areas & Parks Department

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