Section 36 Loop Trail

Length: 3.35 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 752.4 feet  |  

Peavy Peak Trail area is located to the west of Peavy Arboretum, and includes Section 36 Loop and the Powder House Trail. This is an excellent choice for people looking for a little longer of a trek. These trails carry carries hikers past the Forestry Club Cabin and Cronemiller Lake, and display fantastic views of the surrounding landscape from Peavy Peak and other viewpoints along the way.

Section 36 Loop Trail can be accessed from the Forestry Club Cabin, which is located in the Peavy Arboretum area of McDonald Forest. The Forestry Club Cabin is located at the intersection of the 500 Road and the 520 Road. Section 36 Loop Trail is a hiker-only loop that is 3.3 miles long with a 80 foot gain in elevation and connects with the Powder House Trail. Section 36 Loop Trail passes through an area of McDonald Forest that is managed as mature forest for many types of wildlife to call home. Some tree species grown within this area are harvested to produce wood products used for building materials. Section 36 Loop Trail also passes through an old growth reserve. Old growth reserves located within McDonald Forest are low-elevation coniferous forests containing some large, 200+ year old Douglas-fir trees, as well as snags and fallen trees. Students and researchers study the ecology of these old growth reserves. Section 36 Loop Trail passes through many naturally and culturally significant areas within the forest. At the trail's entrance, a big wheel sits in front of the Forestry Club Cabin. Big wheels were used as a means to transport logs from the late 1800s through the 1930s. An interpretive sign is located in front of the big wheel providing further information. This relic serves as a reminder of the importance of the timber industry in the area and provides visitors with a first-hand look at historic logging equipment and practices. Flora of note along the trail includes tall bugbane, an uncommon native wildflower. Tall bugbane flowers in the early summer and can reach heights of three to seven feet! The trail ends at Cronemiller Lake, which was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1938 to store water for irrigation purposes. Today, the pond is used for irrigating research plots as well as by Oregon State University's Logging Sports Team for competitions. Take a hike along Section 36 Loop Trail and explore the history of the forest!

Trail description by: Oregon State University College of Forestry

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