Baker Creek Trail

Length: 0.24 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 67.5 feet  |  

The Sulphur Springs Trail Area includes the Sulphur Springs and Baker Creek Trails. Sulphur Springs Trail is a short trail used to access a natural mineral springs, and includes a sign about the historic use of the site and a picnic table. The Baker Creek Trail has great parking for horse trailers and is used by visitors to access the network of McDonald Forest roads.

Located in the Sulphur Springs area of McDonald Forest, Baker Creek Trail can be accessed from Sulphur Springs Road. Baker Creek Trail is a multiple-use trail open year-round to hikers, bikers, and equestrians. Because parking is adequate to accommodate horse trailers, this is a popular route for equestrians to access the Forest.

At two tenths of a mile in length with a 23 foot gain in elevation, Baker Creek Trail provides an opportunity for all to enjoy an easy hike through a beautiful area. Flora of note along the trail includes tall bugbane, an uncommon native wildflower. Tall bugbane flowers in the early summer and can reach heights of three to seven feet!

Baker Creek Trail also passes alongside an old growth reserve. Old growth reserves located within McDonald Forest are low-elevation coniferous forests containing some large, 200+ year old Douglas-fir trees, as well as snags and fallen trees. Students and researchers study the ecology of these old growth reserves. Stop by and enjoy all the opportunities Baker Creek Trail has to offer!

Trail description by: Oregon State University College of Forestry

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