Trail Stories

Megan's Bald Hill Story

What’s your favorite trail in Benton County?
Corvallis has so many great trails, depending on what we are up for. Bald Hill is my favorite for sure! It has lots of beautiful views and miles of trails to explore. There is a great off leash area for our beloved Springer Hazel to exercise.

What’s your favorite trail memory?
Prior to having my son, my dog Hazel and I spent countless hours running the trails at Bald Hill. Once my son was old enough to sit in a backpack, I took him and Hazel up to the top of Bald Hill. I loved sharing that special place with him. We now spend many afternoons playing on the trials, jumping in mud puddles, throwing sticks off of bridges and looking for worms.

What was your most exciting trail adventure?
I once mistook some cows hidden in the brush for bears. It gave me quite a scare for a few minutes until someone pointed out that they were just cows. Talk about embarrassing!

MeganRunner and Hiker, Corvallis